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The K9 and K10 family of vehicles are one of the worlds most effective and widespread Self Propelled Artillery Systems in the world. With more than 1,800 vehicles deployed globally, HDA will build on this experience and expertise to bring best of current breed to Australia. Leveraging off the work done by Team Redback we will establish a facility in the Geelong area of Victoria for the manufacture, assembly and though life support of the fleet. We are already working closely with Kongsberg, a leading C2 company, to bring their broader expertise to Australia and establish support facilities.

Whilst HDA is currently pursuing projects in the two main areas of Self-Propelled Artillery and Infantry Fighting Vehicles, our comprehensive portfolio of capabilities and reach back into the larger hanwha means will allow the company to pursue opportunities in every defence Domain in Australia. Currently HDA is developing opportunities in the related areas of Munitions, and Autonomous Ground Vehicles,


HDA is working extensively to plan and market our solutions to Australia in close partnerships with the Australian industry. We have conducted industry briefings in both Australia and New Zealand and have established an Australian Industry Portal in cooperation with the Australian company Bench On. We will also be establishing an Industry Development Unit to as part of our effort to build Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities.

Bench On

Bench On is a veteran owned Australian company who has been asked by HDA to take their already effective and unique skill sets and develop an Industry Portal, significantly increasing the ease and efficiency by which Industry can engage with HDA in a systematic a simple way.