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About HDA

about hda

Headquartered in Melbourne, Hanwha defense Australia was established in 2019 with an initial focus on Land Systems. The company has been contracted for project Land 8116, a $0.9 to $1.3 billion project which will see the Commonwealth acquire self-propelled artillery systems to be manufactured in the Greater Geelong area of Victoria. Hanwha defense Australia is a subsidiary of Hanwha Defense Corporation which is a division of the vast Republic of Korea Fortune 500 conglomerate Hanwha Corporation. Hanwha corporation has been operating in Australia since 2005 in areas including mining equipment, logistics and alternative energy.

Vision & Mission

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    Delivering exceptional and enduring Defence solutions to Australia and its allies, by bringing together and growing the best of both local and global industry and talent.

  • our mission


    Strengthening our nation and the region by harnessing the power of Australian and Korean Industry to generate world leading defence capability and industrial self-reliance. By our relentless pursuit of resilience, self-reliance, and excellence we embody the Korean experience of building security and prosperity. We will continue to invest in innovative technologies and infrastructure to secure the future of our customers, employees, and to the world in which we live.


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