About hanwha defense australia

Headquartered in Melbourne, hanwha defense australia was established in 2019 with an initial focus on Land Systems.

The company has been selected as the sole tender for Land 8116, a $2 billion project which will see the Commonwealth acquire self-propelled artillery to be manufactured in the Greater Geelong area of Victoria. hanwha defense australia is a subsidiary of hanwha corporation . The latter has grown to be the largest and the most influential defense corporation in South Korea.

Business Areas

Hanwha is currently pursuing two major programs in Australia, Land 8116 and Land 400 Phase 3. As part of these two programs hanwha defense australia will build an Armoured Vehicles manufacturing and R&D centre in Victoria, Australia. It is anticipated the facility will support all Hanwha vehicle fleets and serve as an Australian industrial and SME base that can work with Hanwha both globally and domestically. An important aspect of this will be the creation of opportunities for both Australian and Korean companies in their respective national supply chains.

  • Land400 Phase3


    hanwha is pursuing the opportunity to provide the REDBACK Infantry Fighting Vehicle to the Australian Army. The program will deliver up to 450 vehicles in a range of variants. Working closely with leading Australian Companies we have formed TEAM REDBACK to deliver the best the world has to offer to the Australian defense Force.

  • Land 8116 Phase 1


    HDA has been selected as the sole tenderer for the Land 8116 program which is to deliver 30 Huntsman and 15 ammunition resupply systems to the Australian Army with the possibility of another tranche of systems as a follow-on order.

  • Other Opportunities

    hanwha’s reach back into the larger hanwha will allow the company to pursue opportunities in every defence Domain. The company is committed to building a sovereign and self-reliant defense industrial base in Australia centered around our proposed Hanwha-Armoured Vehicle Center of Excellence which we propose to construct in Victoria, Australia.

Australian Industry

hanwha is closely partnering with SMEs in the Australian industry to help build Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities. SMEs with different manufacturing capabilities can engage hanwha defense australia via a newly established Australian industry portal Bench on to become supplier. We have conducted extensive industry briefings and engaged with over 600 companies in the course of identifying and creating our program supply chains. A key part of this has also been the encouragement of global technology companies, such as Soucy and Plasan to establish a presence in Australia.

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