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L400 Ph3

Under the Land 400 Phase 3 program, HDA is pursuing the opportunity to provide the REDBACK Infantry Fighting Vehicle to the Australian Army. The program will deliver up to 450 vehicles. HDA has been selected to provide three REDBACK vehicles for a Risk Mitigation Activity to commence early 2021. A preferred company should be selected early in 2022.

Working closely with leading Australian Companies we have formed TEAM REDBACK to deliver our future Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Electro Optical Systems Ltd.(EOS) will deliver the T2000 turret for our Land 400 Phase 3 offer. Working closely with some of the best weapons and turret systems designers in the world to include Elbit and Northrop Grumman we will bring the best the world has to offer to the Australian Defence Force.




READY. RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. hanwha is committed to delivering a future Infantry Fighting Vehicle using the best of global and Australian technologies and companies.

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