Company Introduction

Hanwha is continuously innovating to incorporate our core
technologies into new defense systems that exceeds customer expectations

Company Introduction


Advanced Ammunition

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Hanwha Corporation
Trusted global partner providing innovative defense solutions

After entering the defense sector in 1974, our military products have played a pivotal role in building and enhancing the Republic of Korea's capacity for independent defense. Over the last 40 years, we have acquired numerous core technologies through strategic investments in precision-guided munitions, laser weapon systems, and aerospace solutions. We've applied our extensive experience in government-led defense projects and our technical expertise to drive technologically sophisticated range of weapons and defense systems for the Republic of Korea. We've also been able to actively engage other nations, collaborate and cooperate with global partners to expand globally. Our global competitiveness has not only grown but it has opened up new opportunities to create new businesses that will support our exponential growth worldwide and into the future.


Guided Rockets, Laser Weapons, Conventional Ammunition and Components including Fuzes, Guidance Systems, Warheads, Propellants and Energetic Material, Navigation System

  • Rocket
    01. Rockets

    Hanwha has been upgrading its precision-guided munition technology that includes thrust precision control technology, propulsion systems and integrated guidance and control systems.

    • TAipers (Tank-Snipers)
    • Short Range Anti-Tank Rocket
    • L-SAM (Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile)
  • Ammunition
    02. Ammunition

    Our professionalism in the field of ammunition systems is second to none. And along with our expertise, we are determined to satisfy the needs of the end user and become a world-class precision ammunition manufacturing company.

    • 155mm Artillery Ammunition
    • 60mm, 81mm Mortar Bombs
    • 40mm Cartridges
    • Fuzes
    • Propelling Charges
    • Energetic Materials
  • Laser
    03. Laser

    Hanwha is heavily investing in R&D, focusing particularly in the area of Laser Weapon Systems. This is part of its commitment to develop solutions for future battlefield environments. The outcome of our efforts will yield comprehensive, cutting-edge defense technology that will not only allow us to become the leading solution provider in the industry but also set the new standards.

    • Laser Based Anti-Aircraft Weapon
    • LSED (Laser System for Explosive Disposal)
    • LDRF (Laser Designator & Range Finder)
  • Navigation
    04. Navigation

    Based on a variety of technologies such as RLG, FOG, MEMS and etc., Hanwha is leading the way in developing navigation systems worldwide.

    • RLG (Ring Laser Gyro) Based Navigation System
    • FOG (Fiber Optic Gyro) Based Navigation System
    • MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) Based Navigation System

Business Sites

  • Head Office
    Head Office
    TEL 82.2.729.1542
  • Defense R&D Center
    Defense R&D Center
    TEL 82.42.336.0112
  • Daejeon Plant
    Daejeon Plant
    TEL 82.42.829.2255
  • Boeun Plant
    Boeun Plant
    TEL 82.43.540.0114
  • Gumi Plant
    Gumi Plant
    TEL 82.54.467.8500
  • Yeosu Plant
    Yeosu Plant
    TEL 82.61.640.1123