Company Introduction

Hanwha is continuously innovating to advance its core
technologies and integrate them into new defense systems that exceeds customer expectations.

Company Introduction


Land Systems

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Hanwha Defense
Global leader of total defense solutions

Hanwha Defense is leading the global defense industry with its total defense solutions developed with deep expertise and cutting-edge technology. Hanwha Defense has built a world-class portfolio of solutions using sophisticated technologies and leveraging its broad experiences in the areas of artillery systems, armored vehicles, air defense systems and unmanned ground systems.
Hanwha Defense pioneered and essentially built the defense industry in the Republic of Korea with armored vehicles like the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer and the K10 Ammunition Resupply Vehicle. These are among the world's most advanced artillery systems and they've been exported to several countries around the world. Hanwha Defense has also successfully developed the export versions of the BIHO air defense system and the Tigon armored wheeled vehicle, both of which are technologically competitive worldwide.Going forward while continuously investing in R&D, Hanwha Defense is prioritizing the development of leading-edge products, such as tactical unmanned ground vehicles and remote-controlled weapon stations.
Hanwha Defense is committed to offering innovative and trusted defense solutions that are not only the best in the world but will make the company, the best in the global defense market.


Optimal Platform Solutions for Self-propelled Howitzer, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Air Defense Systems, Medium Tank, Armored Personnel Carriers and Amphibious Assault Vehicles

  • Artillery Systems
    01. Artillery Systems

    Hanwha has a diversified portfolio of artillery systems that can bolster national security.

    • K9 Thunder Self-propelled Howitzer
    • K10 Ammunition Resupply Vehicle
    • K77 Fire Direction Center Vehicle
    • EVO-105 Evolved Wheeled Self-Propelled Howitzer
  • Armored Vehicles
    02. Armored Vehicles

    Hanwha has a wide range of armored vehicles, each designed to be mobile and flexible - quickly adaptable to future battlefield environments.

    • REDBACK Next Generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    • K21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Medium Recovery Vehicle
    • K21-105 Medium Tank
    • TIGON, BARRACUDA Armored wheeled Vehicle
    • KAAV Korean Amphibious Assault Vehicle
    • K200A1 Armored Personnel Carrier
      (New NBCRV | 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar | Command Post Vehicle | Light Recovery Vehicle | 4.2inch/81mm Mortar Vehicle | 20mm Vulcan Vehicle | Smoke Generation Vehicle)
  • Air Defense Systems
    03. Air Defense Systems

    Hanwha ’s high-end air defense systems were built after applying hands-on experiences and heavy R&D. They play a pivotal role as advanced defense systems that are essential to air defense worldwide.

    • BIHO Gun & Missile Air Defense System
    • AAGW Anti-Aircraft Gun Wheeled Vehicle System
    • CHUNMA Surface-to-Air Missile System
  • Unmanned Ground
    04. Unmanned Ground Systems

    Hanwha is committed to R&D to design and build out a comprehensive modern combat systems that meet and exceed the requirements in future battlefield environments.

    • Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle
    • Multi-Purpose Unmanned Ground Vehicle
    • IED Disposal Robot
    • Explosive Ordnance Detection and Disposal Robot
    • Smart Grenade Robot
  • Launcher Systems
    05. Launcher Systems

    We have a range of launcher systems that are built with comprehensive technology and experience, from land based to sea launched. Their competitive edge and sophistication are unrivalled.

    • MSAM Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher
    • KVLS Korean Vertical Launcher System
    • SEA STAR Ship-to-Ship Missile Launcher
    • BLUE SHARK Anti-Submarine Torpedo Launcher
    • Decoy Launcher

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