Company Introduction

Hanwha is continuously innovating to incorporate our core
technologies into new defense systems that exceeds customer expectations

Company Introduction


Defense Electronics

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Hanwha system
Trusted solution provider for the armed forces in the areas of surveillance patrol, command, control, and communication

Hanwha Systems specializes in defense electronics and system integration capabilities that make up the brain and nervous system in modern warfare. These defense electronics and systems are used for C4ISR, avionics, combat management systems and EO/IR systems, the combination of which covers ground, naval and air domains. The solution can be fully tailored to meet the customer requirements including the operational environment and interoperability with legacy systems.


Full System Integration Capabilities Encapsulated in C4ISR, Avionics,
Naval Combat Management Systems and EO/IR Sensor Systems

  • Naval Systems
    01. Naval Systems

    Hanwha's state-of-the-art marine system is built with proven technology and well positioned to provide a complete combat management system that very few nations have. Hanwha is the only company to have achieved the force management and integration of 80 or more ships for more than 40 years.

    • Combat Management System
    • FCR (Fire Control Radar)
    • EOTS (Electro-Optical Observation & Tracking System)
    • Marine Unmanned System
    • Armed System (CIWS-II, MASS)
    • IPMS (Integrated Platform Management System)
  • Radar
    02. Radar

    Hanwha acquired a manual 3D multifunction radar technology and is now actively increasing its investment in active radar technology.

    • MFR (Multi-Functional Radar)
    • AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar)
    • Mine Detector-II
  • Electro Optics
    03. Electro Optics

    Hanwha's multifunctional electro-optics can be installed on various platforms. Moreover, their high quality and strong development capabilities on land and for portable use are recognized internationally.

    • EO TGP (Electro-Optical Targeting Pod)
    • IRST (Infrared Searcher and Tracker)
    • FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared)
    • EOTS (Electro-Optical Tracking System)
    • Observation Systems(Quantum-eye, New Panop-HH)
    • Sight for the Small Arm (Light Machine Gun-II, 7.62mm Machine Gun)
  • C4I
    04. C4I

    Hanwha provides advanced command and communication technology optimized for the future battlefield. Our advanced command and control system are linked to verified electro-optical sensor solutions that enable armed forces operate with greater performance and capabilities.

    • Shooting Control System
    • C4I/C2, Communication
    • Cyber Battlefield Control System
    • TDL, ADC2A
  • Avionics / Space
    05. Avionics / Space

    Hanwha contributes to the Republic of Korea’s aerospace power by developing avionics and satellites. Hanwha supplies essential systems such as mission sensors, various electronics, survivability enhancement, and communication systems for fighter aircrafts.

    • Key Avionics Equipment for the Sensors, Computer, Display, Communication, EW for the KFX, F-16, T/FA50, F-15, LAH, UH-60/CH-47, KUH
    • IFF Mode-5 (Identification, Friend or Foe Equipment for Airplane)
    • Medium-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    • Satellite Sensor, Communication

Business Sites

  • Head Office
    Head Office
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  • Pangyo R&D Center
    Pangyo R&D Center
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  • Yongin R&D Center
    Yongin R&D Center
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  • Gumi Site
    Gumi Site
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  • Daejeon Office
    Daejeon Office
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