Land Systems

Total Convergence Land System Solutions Designed for Self-Defense and the Future

Hanwha provides land system solutions complete with artillery, armored vehicles and air defense systems. We develop core technologies in-house capable of complex weapon systems that through exceptional mobility, strong firepower and modular systems, provides supportive ground power.

  • Artillery Systems

    A diverse portfolio of artillery systems successfully operating thousands of units worldwide

  • Armored Vehicles

    A wide range of armored vehicles with modular and flexible design and highly adaptive to the future battlefield environments

  • Air Defense Systems

    High-end air defense systems developed through hands-on experiences to defend against various aerial threats

  • Unmanned Ground Systems

    Comprehensive modern combat systems meeting the requirements for future battlefield environments

Defense Electronics

Specialized in Defense Electronics and System Integration Capabilities with the Prompt and Accurate High-Tech Solutions

Hanwha provides the various types of defense electronics solutions that serve as the brain and nervous system in a battlefield environment. Our solutions cover all domains - ground, naval and air with C4ISR, avionics, combat management systems and EO/IR systems.

Naval Systems

We boast technologically advanced and reliable naval combat management system

  • ISR

    We have integrated security solutions to effectively protect borderline, coastal areas and critical infrastructures

  • C4I

    Our advanced C2 and communications are optimized to excel in future network centric warfare

  • Avionics / Space

    We lead the avionics industry with advanced avionics equipment and satellites

Advanced Ammunition

Smart and Intelligent Ammunitions : Laser, Precision Guided Munitions and their Core Components

Hanwha is advancing the technical sophistication of its ammunition, missile and laser solutions with the military-proven know-how and expertise gained from more than 45-years in the defense industry around the world.


Our rockets are leverage precision-guided munition technology including thrust precision control technology and high mobility for propulsion system


Poised to become the leading solution provider in laser weapon systems built with our cutting-edge defense technology developed in-house


We're leading the development navigation systems worldwide with variety of technologies such as RLG, FOG, MEMS


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