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Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA) was founded in 2019. The value HDA brings is the strategic alignment between what Korea needs to do to enhance their security and what Australia wants to do to develop a resilient and Sovereign defense industry. HDA was formed to fill this gap.

Hanwha is currently pursuing two major programs in Australia, Land 8116 and Land 400 Phase 3 with the intent of creating an Armoured Vehicles manufacturing and R&D facility in Victoria, Australia. It is anticipated the facility will support all Hanwha vehicle fleets for their life of type, ongoing R&D programs for Hanwha vehicles both domestically and in some instances globally. Most importantly, the success of these programs will create a path to build an Australian industrial and SME base that can work with Hanwha both globally and domestically.


HDA is currently pursuing projects involving the Self-Propelled Howitzers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles. HDA is also developing opportunities in Munitions, Autonomous Ground Vehicles, and Vehicle Systems Integration. To support these programs, HDA is working to create an extensive manufacturing and sustainment facility within Australia which will also include R&D capabilities.

  • Land400 Phase3
    Land400 Phase3

    Under the Land 400 Phase 3 program HDA is pursuing the opportunity to provide the REDBACK IFV to the Australian Army. Under the program up to 450 vehicles will be delivered. HDA has been selected, along with Rheinmetall, to provide three REDBACK vehicles for a Risk Mitigation Activity to commence early 2021. The Australian Army is expected to make its selection by Q1 2022.

  • Land 8116
    Land 8116
    K9 Huntsman

    HDA has been selected as the sole tenderer for the Land 8116 program which will deliver 30 K9 SPH and 15 K10 ARV Systems to the Australian Army: there is the possibility of another tranche of systems as a follow-on order. A new K9 SPH variant, the Huntsman, has been developed for this program to incorporate lessons learned from the global K9 SPH fleet. A facility is to be built in Victoria, Australia, for the manufacture and whole of life sustainment of the fleet.


Australian Industrial Partnerships

HDA has engaged over 400 Australian companies to create the industrial base and supply chains to support our activities in Australia. The company is committed to building a sovereign and self-reliant defense industrial base in Australia.

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HDA is working extensively to plan and market our solutions to Australia in close partnerships with the Australian industry. We have conducted industry briefings in both Australia and New Zealand and have established an Australian Industry Portal in cooperation with the Australian company Bench On. We will also be establishing an Industry Development Unit to as part of our effort to build Australia’s sovereign defense capabilities.

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